Hello, jolly good to meet you! I'm Sir Butter Velvetinne, Unlockable racer extraordinaire and unofficial Knight of Sugar Rush!

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despite what swizzle says, we all know who really rules the streets of sugar rush



(( I had tons of fun, but it’s time for me to officially retire this blog. It will stay up permanently as an archive for your browsing pleasure, and who knows? Maybe I’ll come back one day.

And until then… ))

The end of an era.

Rose tints my world and keeps me safe from my trouble and pain.

//Taffyta in Ralph Lauren.

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Litwak’s was closed today. The arcade usually didn’t close unexpectedly like this, but not many in the arcade thought much of it. The usually busy games were eerily quiet in contrast to the lighting outside. Sugar Rush wasn’t much different.

The usual audible hum of engines from the racetrack wasn’t present today. In fact, the game as a whole was rather quiet, almost all the racers had left the game for the day to go out to other games or Game Central Station.

And then, there was Cornelius. He had decided to stay in the game today, wanting to try something he never really had the chance to do. He wanted to try driving around the outskirts of the entire game world. Sot of like a personal long distance time trial for him. Surely it would be an interesting drive.

He slowly drove up his kart to where he planned to start, a large road nearby the game’s most prominent racetrack. “Alright.” he thought aloud. “I guess I can be back here within a couple of hours.” He hopped into his kart and snapped the goggles Ice had given him for Christmas onto his face. After running through a few more checks with his kart, he drove off.

He had driven for an uneventful few miles through BonBon Valley before reaching the base of Ice Cream Mountain. As he zipped up the hill he noticed the outline of a figure some distance ahead of him. He squinted at the figure through the Ice Cream snow flurries, tying to make out the figure he was rapidly approaching.

Between the flurries and the stack of hand carved hard candy sculptures Butter was carrying, he almost didn’t notice anyone driving toward him. His mind was miles away, at the tip top of the mountain he’d just come from, in a warm sweet bark cabin with a blue-haired boy.

Unfortunately he’d had to depart from Razz’s and his Valentine’s holiday early—orders from on high, from King Candy himself. Since becoming an official knight of Sugar Rush, Butter had had almost no time to himself, or with anyone but the royal, foil-wrapped monarch.

So distracted was he that Butter wandered right into the path, too focused on daydreaming about Blitzberry and trying to find his kart in the wind that he didn’t even hear the steady roar of a engine quickly blazing forward.


That’s alright, Spook! I’m certain it was yummy! And it’s truly the thought that counts.

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disneyismyescape’s mini disney movie challenge
→ day one: pick a movie - wreck-it ralph


Work on a 3D model of butterbutts to possibly get 3D printed or work on lesbian!BsB…


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